HDTV Calibration

Do you want to watch your movies on your television the way the film director intended you to see them?

PCease HDTV Calibration service ensures that you get the best from your High Definition plasma or LCD screen. In fact, our calibration service is well suited for all types of displays and not just High Definition displays.

When you bought your TV the settings were configured by the manufacturers to display the best possible picture in a brightly lit showroom. This means their out-of-box settings are not great for the home viewing with the blacks looking grey and washed out, whites too bright and the details can be blurred.

Our calibration service ensures your colours, contrast, brightness and sharpness are correctly configured. This will give you a much better image and your black with be much darker with no loss of details int he shadows! Your Whites will be brighter and more natural looking. We will ensure you get the absolute best picture out of any TV or projector and as a bonus, you could also save electricity and extend the life of your set.

We also offer advice on plasma screen burn-in and provide you with the tools to prevent burn-in on your plasma display.

What you get?   How it works?

A PCease professional will visit your home or business and perform a full screen calibration. The calibration can take up to one hour for each television and device you want calibrated.

While your set is being calibrated your PCease professional will show and explain what they are doing and how it will improve your image. They will also discuss with you on how to get the best possible images with your current television and home cinema setup. Did you know that in most cases a cheap £4.99 HDMI cable will do the exact same job as a £99.99+ cable sold in high street retail stores!

Once the calibration is completed, your screen will be perfectly calibrated and you will have your picture look exactly as the pros intended it to look like.

  • Book your HDTV Calibration.
  • Your PCease support specialist will arrive at your home or business at the time booked and perform all necessary adjustments to your television.
  • We will answer all your questions you may have on what we have done and leave you to enjoy your television with the best possible picture.

Get a Quote or Book A Repair

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PCease repair services offers the perfect solution for you.   Our workshop has the very latest computer diagnostic and repair equipment and our expert technicians can efficiently and professionally repair even the most difficult problems for all brands of Laptops.  

We fix ALL computer brands including Dell, HP, Compaq, Acer, Alienware, Sony, Gateway, Advent, Toshiba, eMachines etc.

Our fixed price repair service is available across the UK and includes the cost of labour, parts (where stated). 

We offer FREE pickup and return in the Dorset area and a low cost courier fee outside of Dorset.

If a replacement part is required that is not specified then will we find the best price though our network of suppliers and pass on our trade price to you.

Unlike our competitors we do not make any money on the cost of parts! Our trade price is your purchase price!

We are so confident that we can fix all computer problems we offer a No Fix, No Fee guarantee.


Call 0845 467 99 02 or email us here to book your repair.

Free Upgrades?

When we receive your computer you pay a fixed price for our time no matter how long we spend with your computer.  Take full advantage of this by booking an upgrade?  For example you could rejuvenate your laptop with a RAM upgrade or get more disk space with a larger hard disk?  You will only pay for the cost of the upgrade parts and not the labour making this a very cost effective upgrade!  

If you are unsure what upgrade you require to make your laptop faster, more efficient and much better then let us know and we can recommend some options to you during our diagnostic of your computer.